Divergent (2014)

Get a bit of everything in this dystopian future where the humans are split into five groups according to their personality. Divergent boasts romance, girl power, adventure, science fiction and a few gruesome scenes as well. Amina Ahmed explains why she enjoyed watching the movie

As a Hunger Games fan, Divergent is good news for me. With a sexy woman fighting for humanity, what is there not to like?

Five minutes into the film and my thoughts were: put together Hunger Games and Harry Potter and this is what you get. Set in the future of Chicago, the human population is divided into five factions: Abnegation (‘The Selfless’), Erudite (‘The Intelligent’), Dauntless (‘The Brave’), Amity (‘The Peaceful’) and Candor (‘The Honest’). Every year, all 16-year-olds take the aptitude test which tells them what faction they belong to and even though we are constantly told that they have a choice, they really don’t. Choosing a faction that they are not born in means they can never see their family again. Nice excuse if you hate living at home.

Through-out the movie we also get glimpses of people who are ‘factionless’. They have no faction, have the lowliest jobs that they do in return for clothes and food and live in run-down places. But apparently they don’t matter because why they are actually factionless isn’t really explained properly. They are just there because someone needs to do the dirty jobs in this perfect future.

These five sections remind me of the Harry Potter series. But if we are supposed to choose which group we want to join, I don’t think anyone would want to be part of any of the factions except Dauntless. They spend most of the movie jumping out of moving trains, flying across zip wires and playing games that involve shooting each other with bullets that don’t kill. I mean, who wants to sit in an office and be ‘intelligent’ or help others ‘selflessly’ when you can wear sexy black clothes and do all things thrilling?

Then again, after seeing Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James), we seem to change our minds about being Dauntless. No, we would rather be Divergent – a rare result of the test which means that you don’t belong to any of the factions and that you are now dangerous to the carefully constructed faction system that has been created in this dystopian future and will be shot as soon as the authorities find out. If that’s not exhilarating enough, you get to fall in love with the hottie, Four, who is mysterious, sexy and also divergent.

And you seem to forgive him for having such a weird name because he’s just so adorable.

Follow brave Tris (Beatrice later changes her name) as she struggles to hide her secret from the authorities, face her worst nightmares and fall in love – of course.

“Factions before blood”


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