Why Journalism?

Chloe Bevan always liked writing but what inspired her to get into journalism. Delving into the depths of her past, Amina Ahmed managed to find out

 Sitting on the lime coloured sofa in the radio studio with one leg over the other, Chloe Bevan didn’t quite seem like she wanted to talk. Her arms were folded, which showed she felt defensive – at least at a subconscious level – but then again, who likes to be put on the spot and asked questions.

 Gradually I tried to make her open up and reveal to me the secret behind her decision. Why did she – 18-year-old, shy Chloe – want to become a journalist?

“I was about 13 or 14 when I started getting into music journalism. I would read magazine like Kerrang and I’d think ‘Oh, I’d really like to interview that band’ or ‘I’d like to help unsigned bands out.’”

That made sense but then why didn’t Chloe choose to pursue a degree in music journalism – something she was clearly so passionate about. Instead she enrolled on an NCTJ Journalism course which wasn’t specifically music-themed.

“I’ve always wanted to do journalism and I looked into a lot of the university courses and nothing really went ‘oh I really want to study that for three years.’

“My previous teacher suggested I take up this course and I thought it would be a good for me to do alongside running my website.”

Yes, Chloe has her own website where she helps unsigned bands out and writes reviews – her childhood dream come true. But she didn’t want to specialise in music journalism because “specialising isn’t always a good thing because there aren’t a huge number of jobs in that field.”

As a child, Chloe also enjoyed History and would have pursued it but “it doesn’t always give you a career.”

So instead she went with her gut instinct and decided writing was her passion and journalism is what she would do. And since Chloe is dyslexic and cannot spell very well, it was with mild surprise that her parents encouraged her on.

“I’ve always loved the creativeness of writing and that words can be very powerful especially when they’re used in the correct way.”

Now she was opening up a little. You could see the passion for what she was doing written all over her face.

“My dream job would be to be able to run my website full time and do a number of other things like freelancing on the side. I would love my publication to be the one I run.”

Like all of us, Chloe has big dreams for her future.





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