Students Interview Prime Minister Ahead of Election


The Prime Minister visited Harlow College in Essex. Two students who are training to be journalists got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when they were put in a room with the man himself. Amina Ahmed and Elliott Mees talk about their experience

The Prime Minister visited Harlow College on Monday 19th May and we were given the opportunity to interview him.

We prepared some questions ranging from how he felt about UKIP’s growing popularity, to what the Tories would do about the National Minimum Wage.

He said, about the latter: “It’s been a long and difficult recession but we are coming through it and the country is now properly recovering but it’s been hard and people are concerned about particular issues.

“I just hope they will think very carefully come polling day because some of the things that UKIP did are pretty unpleasant and divisive and what we need in Britain is the politics of the answer, not the politics of anger.”

Earlier in the headlines that day Ed Miliband said he would increase the National Minimum Wage.

The PM said: “Well I support the national minimum wage and I want to see it rise but I think the right thing to do is to leave the decision with the Low Pay Commission. They look at it very carefully.”

Mr Cameron also had a tour of the new Universal Technical College, which is currently under construction in Harlow. We asked him what it will mean for youngsters in this area.

He said: “It will be a big boost because what we want to have is the very best schools and skills for our young people.

“Now here in Harlow, you got some great schools, you got the Harlow College that I have been visiting today.

“But to have a new UTC which will address skills will give some young people a real boost and a real chance in life.

“Variety, choice and excellence is what we want to see and I think the UTC will be providing all those things.”

All in all, it was a rather exciting and eventful day for the College… and us.


(Read a more personal account about the day: When I Met The Prime Minister)


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