Moving Out

So I’m nearly twenty years old, just finished my education and in desperate need of a job. Usually I’d be in a depressing mood because of the hurdles that one has to face nowadays to get even a simple job such as a position in retail. I applied to Sainsburys and got rejected – they asked me why I wanted to work for them; well, I need a job, isn’t that a reason enough?

Anyway, what keeps me going is this goal I have in mind. Since I’m a Muslim-Asian, it’s kind of a big deal – moving out. No-one in my family has done it and I intend to be the first.

The prospect of having even a small place that I can call my own, and rule over it like a queen (with my kitten as my knight in shining armour who will come and save me when there’s a moth around and I’m scared to death) is exciting. People keep telling me it isn’t as fun and easy as I’m thinking, but you know what? You’re wrong. I know it’s going to be damn hard when I’m standing in Asda and seriously feel like Doritos but not able to get it because I’m skint. It isn’t easy working day and night and then spending that precious money on the bloody expensive rent that you have in London – and that’s not even including bills.

But the benefits for me are more than the hardships I’ll have to face. I’ve been dreaming of the day when I could move out since I was as young as eight – and now that time is pretty damn near.

Weeell. As soon as I get a job.

Have YOU moved out yet? Tell us your experience below!


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