Oculus (2013)

It was after midnight when I started watching this – not a very good time to start a horror film especially since I never watch movies of that genre. After the England vs. Italy match though, I oddly felt like it.

The story starts off with dreams. The movie continues with visions. It’s a mesh of past and present, jumping from reality to events that aren’t really happening. Kaylie Russell [Karen Gillan] – yes, it was nice seeing Amy Pond from Doctor Who! – is on the mission to prove that her brother Tim Russell [Brenton Thwaites] was not responsible for shooting his father when he was a child.

Rather it was the mirror in the family’s home that was responsible for the actions of her mother, father and brother. And destroying the mirror isn’t an option, she and her brother have found.

So what does she do instead? She tries recording supernatural activity. As if that ever worked.

You can find all scary movie cliché’s in Oculus. Mirrors, scary milky eyes, creaky noises, lights flickering and turning off, temperature rising, lots of blood, people not believing you when you tell them things are getting freaky, biting into a light bulb, thinking it’s an apple – yes, I’ve seen that before. Oh and the fact that Kaylie has to do this experiment even though her brother is now free of the authorities and sane again. Why can’t she just let it be and continue her life?

In its favour though, I had to stop half way through because I knew I’d be shitting myself if I continued watching. I also slept with the lights on… just in case. I finished the next day in broad day light but the chills still ran down my back. Call me chicken shit but Oculus is one scary movie.

The ending was a bit gruesome and unfulfilling – even after the credits started I was hoping it wasn’t true.


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