Non Stop (2014)

The movie, unsurprisingly, starts off with Liam Neeson stroking a photo of a young girl -we all know its his daughter. He does this while he’s drinking and smoking after which he boards an aeroplane as the Air Marshall.

Best scene
Best scene

The whole film takes place on that plane. The Air Marshall’s secure network on his phone is breached and someone on the plane is threatening Bill Marks [Liam Neeson]. Unless he transfers $150 million dollars to his account, someone will die every twenty minutes.

Despite the creepy starting and the one expression that Neeson has throughout the movie, or throughout all his movies, I found the story very interesting. I’m never great at guessing who’s the culprit in mystery books/films and so I was sitting there blaming the wrong people until I found out who was really in charge of the threat and went ohh.

Filled with many awesome action scenes, – despite being staged on an aeroplane – Liam Neeson’s threatening voice, his sob-story of a life and some non-romance between him and the woman he sat next to played by Julianne Moore, I would definitely recommend this movie.

It was even better than Taken, and believe me I love that movie. (I will find you, and I will kill you.)


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