Another Five Minutes, I Promise

Sleepy Time

More and more of us go to bed too late because of sleep procrastination. What are the night time rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off?

A daily struggle that I and those around me face now-a-days. I’ll sleep in just five more minutes, I promise myself as midnight comes and goes but I’m still lying awake in my bed or sitting on my sofa.12TechSpeakOverloadmaster-1384456653339

Technology may be a great thing, but it’s a massive distraction as well. Not only from sleep but from family, jobs and just day-to-day things that we neglect because we are too engrossed in the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram… to name just a few.

I remember when I was young and tablets and smart phones weren’t so common yet. I used to spend my time reading, playing outside with my friends, absorbing the much needed sunlight that’s rarely seen here in England. I used to cycle and exercise and my mum would scream for me to come home when it was dark but I’d be enjoying myself too much.

More importantly I would read a book at night before going to sleep. I would devour the words of an author greedily and increase my vocabulary with the rich texts of Shakespeare and Dickens, and fill my mind with all sorts of rubbish with stupid chick flicks of Meg Cabot. But there’s only so much that one can read. Reading made me tired, it was a good way to relax before I let myself enter the world of dreams.

But now. It’s either updating my status on Facebook, scanning tweets, posting on Instagram, playing a game on my iPhone or chatting to friends on Whatsapp. It’s an endless loop of flicking from one app to the other. And if all fails, my laptop opens and I spend the next few hours watching a movie.

And it’s 2am.


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