Top Ten Tips For Dealing With Migraines

not-sure-if-migraine-or-skull-is-being-stabbed-by-knifeA migraine can be the  most horrible, painful thing but rarely do we go and consult a doctor about just a “headache”. A migraine can last from a few hours to a few days and can affect your live in a very negative way. According to the Migraine Trust website: in the UK, there are an estimated 190, 000 migraine attacks every day.

For the last three days, I was one of those unfortunate sufferers and only now, as I write this, do I feel just a little better, though scared that it might still be lurking around in my head, ready to attack at any minute.

Here are my top ten tips for dealing with migraines:

1. Sleep:

images99% of the time, sleeping helps me. Obviously, the hard part is actually going to sleep in the first place with your head hurting so badly you want to chop it off. But once I have fallen into the depths of unconsciousness and wake up again a few hours later, I feel refreshed and my migraine has mysteriously disappeared. Success!

2. Caffeine:

images (1)

I don’t know if this actually works or if it’s just psychological but tea, coffee and chocolate can help. Sometimes my migraines come on if I haven’t been sleeping well and caffeine can help jog my body awake. This could also have the opposite effect though: too much coffee or energy drinks can start off a migraine or make it worse. So this one’s a tricky one.

3. Hat/Headband:

I don’t know what it is but covering my head makes me feel a bit better and my woolly hats always come out when I feel a migraine is about to attack. Some say cooling your head can help (by putting a wet cloth over your forehead) but for me, it’s keeping my head warm.

4. Music: 

So people laugh at me when I say I use reverse psychology for a headache. I listen to pounding, up-beat, loud songs and miraculously the headache can subside. However, this is when it’s a mild case of migraine.

The one I had in the last few days was very bad. I wasn’t brave enough to use my loud music just in case it got worse. So I used this YouTube video and now I feel a bit better. I would definitely recommend it: it’s very soothing.

5. Relaxing: 

For me, this can be the most difficult thing to do. I am too fidgety and my brain works on over-time so relaxing is out of the question. However, if successfully able to do so, it can do wonders.

Our bodies can be so tensed up that it takes it out in different ways: sometimes with migraines that kill. I think it’s our body’s way of saying: RELAX. Imagining a peaceful scene and just lying on your back and relaxing every part of your body is a good way of calming down from a stressful life.

6. Unnatural Lights:  

This is an obvious, even though I find it so hard not to check my phone every five minutes or open my laptop because I’m bored of lying on my back and imagining myself floating, or something. But the unnatural light (or any light, for that matter) can make a migraine worse. The first thing that every migraine-sufferer is told is to lie in a dark room.

Really need to work on this one.

7. Noise: 

Yes, the time when I most want a place of my own so that I can have a peaceful place to just relax, is when I get one of my headaches. Having my brothers running up and down the stairs, shouting like little hyenas, my dad screaming at them and my sister yelling for no apparent reason really does not help. And they don’t understand because they don’t get migraines. 0

So going back to my ‘music’ point: if you live in a house where peace is rarely seen or heard, plug in your headphones and put on some music and relax.

8. Distractions: 

When I get a headache, all I want to do is lie in my bed and feel sorry for myself. However, this can  make it worse. Distracting yourself from the pain can help you forget.

9. Eating Well:

I have found when I eat well (or just eat for that matter), it can help with my headaches. Now-a-days, we rarely find time to sit down and actually eat food and this can have a very negative effect on our bodies. When I get a migraine, I make sure I eat lots of salad, meat, fruit, and basically anything that I think is good for me.

10. Tablets: 

The most obvious thing is to take paracetamol, ibuprofen or any other pain-relieving/migraine tablets. Taking medication can be very annoying but often it will be the only thing that will work. Make sure you don’t overdose though – sometimes it’s so painful I have to stop myself from swallowing the whole box!

So what helps you when you’re suffering from a migraine? Comment below.




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