The Most Important News Story in the Last 12 Months

imagesWhat was the most important news story of the last 12 months and why? Tell us in 250 words or less.

As I sat here trying to figure out which story stood out in the last twelve months to me; if indeed I could think of any stories that I could remember what with my rubbish short-term memory.

I mulled over the Elliott Rodger’s (the virgin killer) story, thought about the Jimmy Savile case and wondered if what was happening in Gaza would top the list. But then I realized something.

One particular story can not be titled as the most important. Every news story affects someone. All the sex abuse cases affected numerous victims as well as those fans who had loved a certain celebrity and now this revelation had left them shocked. The Malala story affected many girls who have been denied education – it gave young girls courage and the will to fight back against an evil world. Even smaller stories like the woman in Colchester who was stabbed affected people – her family who was left devastated, knowing that their daughter, their sister, had been killed for no apparent reason. Light news like England not passing even the first stage in the World Cup brought together all English football fans in sadness while the streets were lined with celebrators when Algeria did well.

So the answer to this question would be: every news story in the last twelve months is equally important. It’s not for me to choose.


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