Siren (Siren, #1) by Tricia Rayburn

sirenIt’s always fun picking a book from my much-loved bookshelf which houses around fifty books, I’d guess. Depending on the mood I am in at that moment, it could be any type of book that I snatch up and look away quickly to avoid a dilemma.

This time it was Siren – the cover looked interesting, the title hinted at some hot scenes and, well, I was just in the mood for that book.

What I didn’t know – until I reached the end of this novel –  was that it was part of a trilogy. Now that frustrated me. As lovely as it is to know that the characters that you have come to love are to go on more adventures, it’s annoying that I now have to go on a search for book 2 and 3.

Vanessa Sands is a 17-year-old girl who is scared of just about anything – lucky for her she has an older sister, Justine, who is there to look out for her. The story starts off with adorable scenes from the present and past where Justine took care of her and made sure she wasn’t afraid.

Too bad her boyd is found on the shore near  her family’s holiday home in Maine.

Her family return to their home in Boston for some closure but Vanessa feels that she needs to know why her sister (apparently) jumped off a cliff. She travels back to Winter Harbour, Maine, to find out and along with her sister’s boyfriend, Caleb, and his brother, Simon (with who Vanessa has an ongoing romance with) she finds out some shocking things about the place.

Silver-eyed women, dead men and terrible secrets. And a woman who can see even though she’s blind. Tell me about it.

I found it funny that all the way through I was wondering if the book was going to be about supernatural creatures or not. It’s silly considering the name (Siren) but the way it has been written till about  more than half way through is like it’s going to be about some natural disaster.

If you’re up for some non-romance, mermaid-y sirens and lots of drama, this is a good book to pick up.


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