The Wall by William Sutcliffe

The-WallBlonde moment: all the way through this book I kept on thinking, wow, how coincidental? This book sounds exactly like what is happening in Gaza right now.

After finishing, I realised that that was what it was based on.


I was tempted to reach out and grab this book from the library bookshelf because it hinted a kind of dangerous mystery – what lies behind the wall. All sorts of things ran through my mind.

Joshua is a young boy (13 years old – but don’t quote me on that. My short term memory is usually quite atrocious). He lives with his mum (who would be better off dead because she has no character at all since Joshua’s father died) and his step-father (who you spend the whole book wanting to slap). They live in a town called Amarias which seems perfectly fake and fake-ly perfect.

A wall surrounds this place they live in and one day while Joshua is playing football with his friend, his ball (conveniently) goes flying off onto a patch of land that is cordoned off. Of course our young hero enters and of course he finds something he wasn’t meant to and of course he finds himself beyond the wall, staring at something that he didn’t know existed.

It’s quite an emotional story with the ending being quite horrific and sad.

A must read.



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