English Take On Indian Love Song

An old Indian song that I was absolutely mad about – I must have been missing someone to have written this! The sentences in bold italics are the lyrics of the actual song and then under it is my take of each line in English. Enjoy!

Khali, Khali, Kali rato se, hone lagi, he dosti

These empty, black nights are my only sanctuary now. The world has turned black and there’s no-one around; just me drowning in the blackness of this cold night. I shiver as a feeling of lonliness creeps up my spine and despite my frantic search, I find no-one around to comfort me. I’m alone.

Khoya, Khoya in raho me, ab mera, kuch bhi nahi

Lost in your thoughts, there’s nothing of me left now. My imagination has taken over, playing images of you. I’m no-one.

Har phal, har lamha, me kese sehta hoon?

Time has stopped; without you I don’t know how I am going on. Every minute, every second; just you.

Har phal, har lamha, me khud se yeh kehta rehta hoon: tujhe bhula diya oh, tujhe bhula diya oh, tujhe bhula diya oh…

Every minute, every second, I tell myself I’ve forgotten you. Forgotten those memories we share, that happiness I once had with you. It’s all forgotten, I repeat continuously to myself. But is it true?

Phir kyun teri yadon ne, mujhe rula diya oh, mujhe rula diya

Then why do those memories – your face smiling down at me, our fingers entwined, that laughter of yours like there’s not a worry in the world – make me cry? Why do I yearn to be with you again, then, if I have forgotten? Why.


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