Forever Yours

This prompt that I did years ago was supposed to be set in some kind of unique location. This is what my younger self conjured up.

imagesSetting: small, damp hole in the middle of a world war

It was just you and me. Sitting, crouched in that hole with our arms around each other. We shivered, not because of the cold – though the wind whipped at our faces – but from fright. They had been blowing up the Earth outside since two days but we still jumped at each blast.

Silent tears streamed down my face and you continuously wiped them till my tear ducts ran dry. You tried to make me swallow some water, but I only coughed it up. Blood splattered outside, screams of pain filled the air, but we couldn’t help. Because we were hardly saving ourselves.

And then we had been intruded. We saw a glint of silver and our minds unravelled it all faster than possible. You threw me on the side in an attempt to save me. I watched as the evil face appeared, as the gun shot echoed in our little space and your howl of horror resounded around me. I didn’t cry. I didn’t scream. I didn’t call for help. I just sat paralyzed… my mind not accepting. Not accepting that I had just lost the one person I ever had.

It was an eternity before I moved to you, took your hand in mine and let the emotions overwhelm me. I put my head on your heart – a void where a comforting, beating sound had once been – and cried my soul out. The tears that had usually run dry, now kept flowing. The moisture coming from within me. I was dehydrated, my stomach growled, I couldn’t move from the fatigue that enveloped me – but I didn’t care. All I cared was being with you forever – which was impossible now. No, there was only one way, and I knew it had to happen.

Now I write this for someone to read… or for the shreds of this feeling-filled sheet to be spread across the evil-inhabited world. I give my life to be with the one who should be here. You. I love you.

(I was some depressed child!)


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