Standing Together

Israel - Gaza conflict, Gaza, Palestinian Territories - 21 Jul 2014It’s a whirl of bombs, atrocities, ceasefires, arguments and dead people. IndividualsĀ from all sides are coming together to stand up for what has been happening in Gaza.

I won’t even try to fully understand the situation and put blame on one country, one organization or a group of individuals. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who could tell me the truth and nothing but the truth of what is happening right now between Gaza and Israel and the politics behind it.

My knowledge comes from what I read/see on the news and things that are passed around on social networking. And we all know that half of that is probably lies made up by people who have nothing better to do. Or people who are responsible for the horrendous acts that are being carried out but don’t want anyone to know.

So some will blame Hamas for starting it off. Most will call Israel the evil state. I agree and disagree with both.

There are two angles to this story, the religious one and the political one. Politics is always a bitch – those in power have done the worst kinds of things since the beginning of time. As for religion – there is no religion that tells us to kill.

The only thing that we can be certain about regarding this matter is that between Hamas and Israel and the US and every other government, there are innocent women, men and children dying in the most horrific ways imaginable. Something that would break our hearts a thousand times if it happened to someone close to us.

So for those who blame religion: religion is peace, people who use it to do bad things need to get an education.

For those who blame politics: those in power come from within us so let’s be good people and hope and know that if it was us up there, we would do the right thing.

Forget the blaming and let us all join hands and pray for those innocent children who have lost there families not only in Gaza but in Syria and other countries around the world. Let us stand as one whether we are Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus or Atheists or from any other background or religion.

Because this is about humanity.


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