I Instantly Realised My Mistake…

Hmm… not sure why I wrote this when I was in my early teens. And no, I haven’t ever been in that kind of situation thank God!

I found myself staring at a void. I couldn’t make out anything. I lingered in mid-stride deciding whether to move forward or not. I decided against it. Five seconds seem a long time when in my situation, and five seconds passed without anything happening. I hoped it would stay that way. It was 10:00 pm local time, I had slipped out to get some groceries from the corner shop. What had followed was disastrous, a blackout. The whole city had evaporated before my eyes.

Ten seconds… still nothing. I could hear my own breathing. Of course, I had my mobile in my pocket, but my childhood dreams were coming back. What if by the greenish glow of my mobile phone, a face would materialize in front of me. A face scarred and wrinkled. Rugged out and torn. Grisly images circled my mind, my imagination, like always, started to produce grotesque pictures of what I might see. I had decided against it.

Fifteen seconds and with it a hand clamped down on my shoulder. I went rigid, every muscle of my body simultaneously stiffened. I stood rooted to the ground. Raw terror is paralysing, and I was paralysed. I heard a croaky voice whisper four words.

“Where are you going?”

I didn’t move, I could hear the blood rush in my ears.
After what seemed like hours, my bones started to relax. I felt weakened by the terror. Standing there as still as a stone statue, I felt a little safe. I knew if I would turn, anything was expected. But I also knew, that I couldn’t stand there any more longer. I felt heavy. I turned. A dark figure loomed before me. I found myself suddenly laughing and crying at the same time. I hugged the figure with deliberate force. I had seen the amused look, a hint of laughter playing in his eyes. I was relieved. Relieved that it was none other than my big brother. As I overcame the irony of the situation, I felt him lean down to my ear and quietly whisper.

“You’re nice, wanna come round my house?”

I instantly realized my mistake.

If there’s anything I would like to take from my younger self, it’s the vocabulary. Oh, and the passion for writing anything and everything. 


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