13 Scenarios Where Being Short Really Sucks

Put your hand up if you hate being short. It’s a full time job – you’re always battling someone or something when you’re that height.

Here are the worst scenarios where you really wish you could suddenly have a growth spurt.

1. When your feet dangle when you sit on a chair

2. When people use you as an armrest

3. When climbing worktops becomes a daily routine because you can’t reach the top shelves

4. When pants are eternally doing a slow dance down your legs

5. When children don’t take you seriously because they’re generally taller than you

6. People just not taking you seriously at all

7. When you have to run to keep up when walking with taller people

8. Because your nose is armpit height

9. When you can’t go on the faster rides because you’re not tall enough

10. When your foot doesn’t reach the brake/accelerator and you can’t see over the steering wheel – just stuck in the middle like

11. When the Heads of tall people always blocking your view

12. When you can only see your forehead in the mirror because its hung too high

13. When you get cut out of pictures



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