Why You Should Talk Yourself Out Of Buying an Apple Watch

imagesThe watches are starting to appear on wrists and if you have lasted this long without getting overly excited one drunken night and spending precious money on something you don’t really need, then well done.

Who can resist the temptation though?

Starting at £299 it is no cheap thing and sometimes we have to be sensible about these things.

Here are some arguments (with counter arguments) that might not have worked for us but may come in handy when you’re trying to talk yourself out of it.

1. You can’t really afford it – £299 is the cheapest one and you only get the smaller 38mm sports one with that. Others go up to about £1000 with some gold ones selling at over 10 grand. (Then again, we can just go without food for a month. Food isn’t as important, right? Right?!)

2. It isn’t really water-proof, only splash proof so you can’t really jump in the swimming pool with it or go diving which kind of sucks. And what if we were in a life threatening situation where we needed to swim away – and someone commented on your Facebook post? Rubbish. (Right. Forgot we can’t swim anyway.)

3. It connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth so you have to be fairly near it for the watch to work. Which isn’t great if you want to have a run round the block, is it now. (Why on earth we would be out jogging in this amazing weather beats me. Normal people sit at home and play on their iPhones and iPads all day)

4. A new one will soon come out with better features and snazzier looks. Why not wait? It might get better. It might get cheaper. (Want it now though!)

5. It’s not really bringing anything new is it? Just a novelty – show it off to your friends, wear it while jogging, that kind of thing. (Except that it’s wearable technology and will make your life soo much easier. No more having to dig out your phone to send and receive messages. And the maps. You can be on a bike and the directions will be there, in front of you, on your wrist, telling you where to go. Sigh.)

6. What if it got stolen or damaged? (May as well stop buying anything then. Give back your iPhone! It might get stolen! pft.)

7. We’re distracted enough by technology, this will only make it worse. (Or it might make it better because instead of spending so much time on your phone you’ll have a glance at your watch and be over and done with it.)

8. Watches are to tell time, nothing else. (Cue: Apple)

So basically, we really don’t need it (But we kind of do).


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