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6 Series Worth Watching on Netflix

How many of us have sat their wondering what to watch, the numerous choices drowning us. The Netflix home page taunts you with all these interesting things but you don’t know which one to pick.

Here are a few things that are definitely worth watching.

1. Black Mirror

Charlie_Brooker_s_Black_Mirror_series_two___plot_details_and_casting_revealedOnly two seasons with three episodes each – so you aren’t committing yourself to a lifetime of watching.

Created by Charlie Brooker, each episode is set in a kind of technology-gone-too-far future. It’s totally mind-fucked but very cleverly done.

WARNING: Make sure you are in the right mind-set because it can get rather chilling.

2. Phoneshop

PhoneShopSet in a Sutton phone shop, each character has their own funny story to tell.

You have Lance, manager of the shop who makes you cringe; Ashley and Jerwayne, the two cool guys – their friendship is just so adorable especially when they get together to teach the newbie, Christopher how to act like them – but he just can’t get the swag on; and Janine, the pay-as-you-go girl.

WARNING: By the end of it, you’ll want to work in a phone shop.

3. Life on Mars

Life_On_Mars_OSTDetective Sam Tyler, played by John Simm, has an accident in 2006 and is transported back in time to 1973. Watch him try to fit in in this very different era and help solve crimes alongside then DCI Gene Hunt all whilst trying to figure out what he’s doing in 1973. A bromance is brewing.

WARNING: Women, Gene may not be the best looking man but his character will have you wishing you could spend a night with him.

4. Gossip Girl

Gossip-girl-bigIt’s horrible when you watch an amazing chic flick, fall in love with the characters but then have to let go because it’s the end of the movie.

Well with Gossip Girl you won’t be having that trouble. Episode after episode it follows the life of rich teenagers on the upper east side all the while we’re trying to figure out who Gossip Girl actually is.

WARNING: It may start affecting your life so try not to get too drawn into it.

5. The IT Crowd

258345Have you turned it off and on again? The IT Crowd consists of a hilarious Irish guy, Roy; the ultra-geek, Moss; and their line manager, Jen, who knows nothing about IT coincidentally.

Based in the basement of a company of which the name is really not all that relevant, this series will have you in stitches.

WARNING: You might not really like the IT technicians in your company after this.

6. Black Books

black_booksgroup_7795Bernard Black owns a book shop but he’s probably the single worst shop owner there is. He hates the customers, doesn’t care if anyone buys his books or not, is horribly messy, spends his entire day drinking and smoking with his only friend, Fran, the wacky woman who’s always coming up with the weirdest ideas.

His life takes a funny turn when he employees stress victim, Manny, to help him in the shop.

WARNING: British humour alert.