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Top Ten Funky Gadgets You Should Own

Here are ten funky gadgets that will turn heads.

monopod-selfie-stick-31. Selfie Stick

Bit of an old one to start with but an essential. If you haven’t got one already, get it now. Whoever came up with the idea of inventing a selfie stick was a genius.

If you’re the shorty who’s head always gets cut out of pictures, the one always taking the photos and not being in them or generally a selfie-queen (/king?) who wants to get everyone in the picture – the perfect piece of equipment to keep in your bag.

iKettle-The-Worlds-First-WiFi-Kettle_1_2. iKettle

Such a british piece of tech – the world’s first wifi kettle.

Young or old, we need our several cups of tea and coffee to keep us going so whether it’s that first cuppa in the morning, a late night coffee to keep you awake for a deadline, or a during a lazy sunday afternoon, this gadget lets you control your kettle from anywhere in the house using your smartphone.

Some snazzy features include a wake-up call and a welcome home asking if you want the kettle on.

ultra-power-bank-in-use3. Power Bank

Unless you’re still using a Nokia 3210, dissipating battery problems is a daily pain.

7am: 100%.

2 hours and a train later: 20%.


So it’s either, turn off wi-fi, don’t check facebook, stop taking pictures or it’s power bank.  A power bank let’s you charge your phone on the go. They’re cheap, they’re small, they’re a life saver.

Just don’t forget to charge the power bank…

images4. Bluetooth Gloves

A neek and proud? Bluetooth gloves come with a speaker on the tip of your thumb and microphone on the pinky finger so you can make the old phone sign and actually be able to make conversation.

Warning: strangers may think you’ve lost it.

iRobot_Roomba_Pet_562_25. Roomba

If you’re a clean freak like me, this is a perfect device for you.

The genius thing goes around hoovering your house without any noise or you having to lug around a massive hoover up and down stairs.

Some are economically priced but the more expensive ones have self-charging stations and the ability to stop themselves falling off stairs.

download6. Music Pillow 

A music pillow lets you bust out your tunes without sticking those pesky little ear pieces into your ears when you’re trying to relax.

And for the romantics who can’t be with there other half – connect it up to your phone, facetime your love and you’ll hear them from inside your pillow. Almost like they’re next to you.

download (1)7. Bluetooth Silicone Shower Speaker 

These smart phones are way too precious (and expensive) to risk taking into the bathroom with you. But what about when you want some music in shower?

Solution to the problem – waterproof (ofcourse), use the silicone shower speaker to relax in the bathtub or sing along in the shower.

_726182_i08. Smart Watch 

There are many to choose from and reasonably priced. Some may say they are just a novelty but there are arguments to why you might need one.

It connects via bluetooth to your phone so instead of rummaging through your bag you can check your messages, notifications, weather and how far you’ve run (if you’re one of them) by just a glance to your wrist.

And of course the time.

In different formats.

And you can change the music.

Isn’t that just a necessity?!

download (2)9. Self-Stirring Mug 

If you’re that lazy. The mug stirs for you so you don’t have to use all the muscles to stir a cup of hot chocolate or soup.

You have to press the button to stir though. Sorry.

RED5-TVRemoteCushion210. Remote Pillow

A cushion remote control that is hard to lose.

Not sure how you’re supposed to lay your head on it without your TV going mad from all the input…


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